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Product care


A gentle lingerie can be easily damaged by improper care: washing, drying or ironing. We strongly recommend you to follow the rules of care.


Washing at home can lead to damage, shrinking or fading of the fabric if the permissible temperature conditions are not observed. That’s why the best decision in case if silk lingerie is contaminated will be to use dry cleaning. Silk fibers tolerate chemical processing very well.

If you still decide to wash the silk lingerie at home, the best solution is to purchase powders or liquid shampoos specialized in silk washing. Usually these detergents have a sign “Silk” on them. Lingerie should be washed by hand in cool water about 30 degrees.None of washing machines are designed to wash the silk lingerie.


For handwashing of lace and stretch-tulle lingerie we recommend to use powders or liquid shampoos specialized for thin fabrics washing.If you can’t find the appropriate powder, you can use mild non-alkaline detergent: for example, baby shampoo.It is forbidden to wash gentle lingerie with usual washing powders, which contain chlorine bleach. Their usage can lead to tarnishing of the material and can damage the fiber.

Delicate sets should be washed by hand in cool water about 30 degrees.Soak the set with a detergent for about 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it in cool water about 30 degrees.Do not rub and squeeze the cloth while washing it, because it can damage the fibers of the materials.


Roll the set in a dry terry towel to extract water. Then put it on a horizontal surface away from sunlight, heaters and fluorescent light. Do not overdry the set too much, it should be slightly moist before ironing.


Carefully lay out the set on the ironing board on the reverse side. For the silk sets, select on the iron mode «Silk». It is not recommended to spray water on silk because it can leave stains.For lace and stretch-tulle sets select the lowest temperature on the iron. Put the cloth presser and iron over it.


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