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BEAUTEAFULCAT is a concept store in Barcelona where crafts meet style and sensuality.

A perfect way to take care of our body, mind and spirit is cherishing those moments when time seems to stand still, whether it’s reserved to reconnect with oneself or to live it in the best company.

We were born based on that need, being conscious of the utmost importance of little moments that make life big – those, that can transmit the aroma of the handmade candle, a vivid flavor of a steaming herbal drink, prepared in an exlusively designed ceramics of Japanese aesthetics ‘wabi-sabi’ centered on ‘the beauty of imperfection’ and, above all, the significance of celebrating the delight of one’s own essence with an unique lingerie. We choose one that is made in an artisan way by a team of women who feel enthusiastic about what they do and who make part of the brand Zhilyova Lingerie, even to such an extend that they consider themselves being a small family within it.


Zhilyova Lingerie designs and creates unique garments in a responsible way, with the highest ethical values. The top priorities are: timeless design, comfort and uncompromising quality, taking an advantage of the exquisite features of the extremely fine mesh [stretch tulle], made exclusively for the brand, which perfectly embodies its basic line, always respecting three main principles, which we share:


Before loving someone else, it’s essential to love yourself first; along with that enjoying the authentic beauty without hiding or exaggerating forms, glorifying all the nuances of female body, in such way making a dialogue with it. Therefore, you won’t find here any ‘push up’ models or preformed cups.


The main objective of the brand – to bring out one’s inner strength and emphasize charisma through the unique lingerie. Each release explores several different areas, revealing new facets of femininity, being inspired by a global community of talented, creative women who transcend traditional boundaries embracing their freedom from conventions and rules.


All garments are produced by the brand’s team in an artisan way, sharing and living all the phrases of the process. Due to the complex and asymmetrical patterns, implemented into designs, the production generates almost no waste.


Every detail, every line, every texture has been studied to make the lingerie comfy, adapting it to the active lifestyle, accenting a feminine sensuality in its natural way.

Although, at first glance, it may seem the lingerie has been designed for special moments only, it’s also very suitable for daily and dynamic life of a modern woman.

Thus, the brand has gained the recognition among the most influential names in the world of fashion and frequently appears on the pages of the most prestigious magazines, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Playboy etc.

Life is too short to wait for the highlights in the calendar to put on the lingerie that reveals the best version of yourself… even so, for the big occasions we also have something special to offer.


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